Her Dark Protector

From Night Owl Reviews - 4 1/2 Stars Top Pick

I completely fell in love with this book. It was non-stop suspense from the very beginning. The author had a wonderful way with her writing to make sure that you always wanted to know what happened next.

Gail is an attorney who is always trying to put the bad guys away. She got involved in one of the major drug busts and is trying to put the drug lord behind bars. Little did she know, her life was going to be turned upside down because of it? She no longer knew whom she was going to trust or who was against her putting the criminal in jail.

Jason is a part of a private justice group who helps police capture the bad guys. He also has a private agenda for revenge on the same drug lord Gail is after. His group has been brought into protect Gail while she gathers her evidence. Jason is the type of person who puts his vows before everyone. Even those who he is sworn to protect.

Gail, while gathering her evidence, learns about the secret justice group and why Jason is her personal bodyguard. Jason is trying to convince her to give it up just so that she can stay alive to prosecute another day. He also promises to help clear any damage that was brought to her name because of her investigation.

Throughout the whole book, Gail and Jason became closer. They told each other things about their lives that no one knew about. They became intimate to scratch an itch, at first. The closer to each other they got the more their feelings developed towards each other. Jason tries to convince Gail that she is not responsible for all of the deaths happening around her. While that is happening, Gail is trying to convince Jason that he should live in the present and not the past.

I think that the book was written extremely well. The action and adventure was non-stopped and kept you at the edge of your seat until the very last page. I loved how everything came full circle for our main characters. In the end they both got the justice they were looking for. The even found love as well.

I loved this author so much that I decided to read her other books as well. I highly recommend this book to the readers who love suspense to read. The romance is involved but it is more of a suspense book, which is a good thing in the end. It kept the book moving. This book definitely deserves to be read.Night Owl Reviewer Top Pick


4 1/2 Stars Top Pick
Night Owl Reviews

From Sarah's Point of View - 5 Stars

The novel started out at a great pace, I was hooked right from the start. It had an intriguing start, wasting no time for boring pleasantries that some novels seem to do. I greatly enjoyed the book from the beginning to the end.

All the way through the novel were twists and turns in story line that surprised me and held my attention. I kept wondering what was going to happen next! This is a wonderfully exciting read that will shock, amaze, and in some parts, turn you on!

This is a most unique story full of dirty cops, vying vigilante groups, and inner turmoil! The plot is fantastic, the description amazing, and I love the characters. Jason is a hottie, I wanna give Gail a big hug, and I cried when Harry died. Ms.Stephenson created a world of wonderful people!

I loved the point of view. I got to see all the characters point of view and how they think. Not just the good characters, but the bad as well. I like being able to see how the evil characters think. It's fascinating.

I truly enjoyed learning what each vigilante group believe. They both are trying to help the people who have been harmed by evil, but you get to see different they truly are. One is doing good by getting vengeance in a legal way, the other feels that some things are beyond the law, that the law isn't working. It's so interesting!

This book was fantastic, I loved it!

~~Sarah's Point of View
5 Stars

From cupcake's (Book) Cupboard

What happens when you have a former oxycodone-addicted prosector who needs protection from a hardened widower-turned-member of an underground organization of justice avengers?


Her Dark Protector, by Carol Stephenson, is a tense, page turning read, chock full of bad guy thugs, bad guy thugs masquerading as good guys, two sad back stories, and some good old headboard rockin'.

Gail Malloy is a prosecutor set up, apparently, by a crime lord she has been trying to get arrested for murder. Unbeknownst to her, for six months, Jason Hawke (gotta love that last name, as in "watch you like a ..."), a member of the Justice Alliance, has watched her, determined to protect her from the bad guys. You'll have to read to find out why and what happens next. The story is interesting and will keep you reading, which is what you hope a Hot Romance Novel is.

~~cupcake's (Book) Cupboard


Courting Danger
"Fans of romantic legal thrillers will enjoy this stirring tale"

A scandal involving sleeping with her boss Harold Lowell cost wealthy Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Katherine Rochelle her job at the U.S. Attorney's Office. So when she feels a proper amount of time has passed she opens up a partnership with two friends, Carling Dent and Nicole Sterling.

Her Aunt Hilary orders Katherine to defend family friend Lloyd Silber accused of killing Grace Roberts. Katherine reluctantly agrees and cautiously hires private investigator Gabriel Chavez to make inquiries; her hesitation stems from her attraction to the ex-cop and not his competency as he is acknowledged as one of the best. As he digs up information, the case takes a wicked spin as it is connected to the disappearance of her grandparents years ago. Before deciding whether she should recluse herself due to a possible conflict of interests as she always wanted to know what happened to her relatives, someone tries to kill Kate. Only Gabriel keeps her safe, but she wonders who will keep her heart safe once he steals it.

Fans of romantic legal thrillers will enjoy this stirring tale. The story line stars an attorney struggling to regain her reputation shattered when she had an affair with her boss; both losing their jobs. Though Gabriel is a fine male lead, Katherine is the star from her first sterling performance bringing to heel a felon, a judge, and a prosecutor in the courtroom until the final efforts to prove her client innocent and learn what happened to her grandparents. Readers will want more stories starring the "Debt, Default, and Miscarriage" legal team especially COURTING DANGER.

~~Harriet Klausner
The Best Reviews

June 7, 2005

This story seems to be the first of a trilogy. At least, I hope Kate's partners each get their own stories.

What? You say that you demand lots of action? You want suspense AND some romance as well? Then pick up this novel and RUN! Otherwise, you may not get your hands on a copy. Once readers begin talking about this title it will fly off the shelves. Excellent legal and mystery drama. *****

~~Detra Fitch

Carol Stephenson really knows how to build tension, hardly allowing time to breathe. A real page-turner.

~~Lucele Coutts

I’m a fan of legal thrillers and Courting Danger is definitely my kind of story. The story’s strength lies in the intriguing murder trial and the appealing central character, Katherine Rochelle. At first, Katherine, the story’s pivotal character, seems unlike the typical Bombshell heroine. Yes, she’s strong sexy female protagonist, but where is the “kick butt” element that seems an essential part of the Bombshell vocabulary.

Katherine, however, does kick butt in and outside of the court room. Her determination, her strong sense of justice, and her ability to fight for what she believes make her the more appealing as a heroine...and she’s capable of holding her own in the physical department too!

Courting Danger is a wonderful addition to the Bombshell line up. Readers will not only beg for more stories featuring Katherine and Gabriel, but also Katherine’s two partners, Carling Dent and Nicole Sterling. Ms. Stephenson has lived up to the promise of her debut release, Nora’s Pride, in 2002. The wait has been long, but it has been worth it!

~~Wayne Jordan

With unexpected twists and many hidden secrets, Ms. Stephenson kept me in the dark about the outcome of this book until the very end of this satisfying story. The storyline was inventive and definitely had me reading quickly to see what would happen on each page. With all the characters being so vividly described, they each came alive with their individual personalities and thoughts. Kate and Gabe brought much sexual tension to the story, which was laced with some delightful humor. Both Kate and Gabe have a strong sense of justice, and their determination makes for a winning story. COURTING DANGER is a thrilling story filled with mystery, suspense and romance to keep one entertained.

~~Amelia Richard
CataRomance Reviews

COURTING DANGER is a fascinating story with an intriguing mystery.  A definite page-turner, be sure to check out COURTING DANGER.

~~Jennifer Bishop
Romance Reviews Today

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